10 Wrestlemania Main Events That Were Completely Upstaged

Triple H appears on this list A LOT!

It€™s considered a major honour to be the main event of the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania. Even when some previous 'Manias have been advertised as double or even triple main events, the last match of the night is always considered to be the main event. Ideally, it should be the biggest match of the night, if not the year, if it€™s headlining the biggest show of the year, right? In many cases, that€™s true. In other cases, not so much. Throughout the history of WrestleMania, there have been matches that have stolen the show and upstaged the main event. Perhaps the stakes were higher, making the crowd more involved in the match and its outcome. Maybe the wrestlers in the match were better workers, therefore putting on a higher-quality match. Other times, it€™s through bad booking that the wrong match main evented the show, and the rightful main event lives up to its billing earlier on the show. No matter what the reason, there are ten WrestleManias where the main event was completely upstaged by a match that took place earlier in the card. For the purposes of this article, we will consider the 'main event' to be the last match of the night, as it traditionally would be. A superstar who appears on this list a lot is Triple H, who has missed more than he has hit as part of the main event. In a convenient sense of timing, he is also in the main event of this year€™s WrestleMania, defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Roman Reigns. The WrestleMania 32 card isn€™t complete, but there€™s one match that€™s also booked on the card that€™s a candidate to upstage Hunter once again, and that€™s The Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon inside Hell in a Cell. While we ponder if that€™ll happen, check out 10 WrestleManias where the main event was completely upstaged (listed in chronological order).

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