10 Wrestlemania Main Events That Were Completely Upstaged

1. WrestleMania 29 - The Rock Vs. John Cena Upstaged By The Undertaker Vs. CM Punk

The Rock vs. Cena match the year prior at WrestleMania XXVIII lived up to the hype, and WWE billed it as €œOnce in a Lifetime.€ If a lifetime in WWE€™s world only spans a year, they were technically correct. In any other definition, it ended up being Twice in a Lifetime. The fact that the WWE Championship was on the line added a little bit more juice to the match, but otherwise, the outcome was never really in doubt: Cena was going to get his win back from last year, and the crowd knew it, basically waiting for the match to be over. However, the match that had much more intrigue was the Undertaker vs. CM Punk match. Perhaps Punk could be the one to end Taker€™s streak? The match itself was a master-class in storytelling, pacing, and facial expressions. The sight of Punk after Taker sat up in the Anaconda Vice was lasting. Punk didn€™t get the WrestleMania main event that he wanted, but he was able to unquestionably steal the show at 'Mania 29. Thoughts on this list? Comment below or tweet me @PocketSeagull.
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Justin has been writing about professional wrestling for more than 15 years. A lifelong WWE fan, he also is a big fan of Ring of Honor.