10 WrestleMania Myths WWE Fans Still Believe

Black-eyed lies.


Brandishing a thirty-five year history, WrestleMania has been running longer than many of WWE's current fans have been alive (and to make you feel extra old, in some cases twice or three times as long). With a legacy extending so far back in history, the show's past has grown into legend - almost to the point of myth.

WWE's heavy-handed focus on 'WrestleMania Moments' is finely tuned to emphasise this 'Mania mythology. Detail has gradually been stripped from the Show of Show's most memorable touchstones, each of them distilled into a single, timeless image. Hogan slamming Andre. Liberace line-dancing with The Rockettes. Brock Lesnar conquering the Streak.

The purpose is to create a pattern of poignancy which can be added to each year, such as Seth Rollins' famous cash-in, crystallised to a single, surprise steal, shorn of the context of Roman Reigns' universal dislike amongst the Universe.

Given WWE warp their own history for maximum narrative gravitas, it's probably no surprise to learn that the truth behind some of their biggest WrestleMania moments has been lost over time. And it hardly helps that some of those 'truths' so many people believed are most likely complete shash.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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