10 Wrestlers Neville Must Face After Leaving WWE

A sharp detour through Dream Match City.


Neville and WWE are going through a divorce, and soon, the former Cruiserweight Champion will be cast adrift.

Disgruntled with his place in the hierarchy, the Brit reportedly walked out on this week's Raw, and is about to enter the free agent pool. WWE have denied the claims, but that was always going to be the company line, and with this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter stating the promotion consider him "gone," Neville's return to the smaller stages should be right around the corner.

This is extremely exciting from a fan's perspective. Neville has been one of WWE's most consistent performers in 2017, in-ring or otherwise, and his stock as never been higher. Throw his outstanding workrate and previous indie experience into the mix, and you have one of the hottest commodities to hit the scene in years.

Neville could slot into any promotion in the world without looking out of place, and the global talent pool's staggering depth means there's no shortage of potentially great matches, wherever he lands. Leaving wrestling's biggest promotion means he'll probably take a financial hit, but we could be looking at the golden age of Neville's career if even half of these bouts come to fruition...

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