10 Wrestlers That Have Soared Since WWE WrestleMania 35

For when WWE's season finale provides a fresh start...


Sasha Banks' recent Chronicle special featured a number of remarks which were - as per for these specials - tacitly damaging towards WWE before being repurposed as a story of personal growth.

Despite the obvious angles, the story wasn't one of a major fallouts between performer and profession, independent contractor and company or Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado and Vince McMahon. It was about something The Chairman perhaps has no handle on - mental health.

Banks was exhausted by her life as a professional wrestler. The emotional evocative highs of her early years within the organisation had been usurped by several bitter experiences that helped cultivate a mutual disinterest between her and the creative team that she'd have once thought unimaginable. A thing she loved openly - she weeps for how much she needs it, so powerful is its control - has become the thing consuming her whole, to such a degree that her appearance on its showcase left her feeling "nothing".

WrestleMania 35, understandably in context, was perhaps the darkest day in Sasha Banks' life. The only way was up for her from there, as it was for her best friend and nine others getting mis-sold their evening on 'The Grandest Stage'...


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