10 Wrestlers That Rocked Multiple Gimmicks At Once

What a time to be alive (unless you're The Undertaker)...

The Undertaker Raw

Imagine, if you will, a world in which a man goes from undead zombie (dressing like an old western mortician) to a a satanic cult leader, goes on to become a kick-ass biker and then full circle into a supernatural force harnessing his old powers. That's pro wrestling. And it's awesome.

It can't be easy for wrestlers to play multiple successful gimmicks in the same run. For proof, look at two of the biggest names in the history of the business: Steve Austin and The Rock. The former's 'Ringmaster' gimmick was rubbish, and Rocky Maivia was once hit with chants of 'Die, Rocky, Die' as he bravely smiled through the hate. Yeah, nobody thought that guy would become Hollywood's leading man.

Their initial failures only make the successes of others more impressive.

There's even some who have played different characters simultaneously, and those who have used one guise as a launching pad to another. That takes some serious skill, because it's hardly assured that persona number two will resonate, especially when peddling the royal gimmick, ditching everything that's fun or wearing a see-through mask...

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