10 Wrestlers Who Achieved The Impossible

Riches, b*tches and scratched itches.


Really, anything is possible in the hyper unreal world of pro wrestling.

This is an industry in which disputes are settled on islands and in monster trucks as well as in the squared circle. This is an industry in which octogenarians give birth to disembodied hands, in which the stars presented as heroes are villains, the stars presented as villains are heroes. This is an industry in which the biggest pro wrestling company on the planet refuses to accept itself as a pro wrestling company. This is an industry in which the simulated combat hurts.

It is all delightfully and infuriatingly backwards - hence its ability to constantly amaze.

Conversely, unionisation in WWE is impossible. If it wasn't possible in the 1980s and 1990s, in which wrestlers would point blank refuse to put one another over lest a loss to a lesser player damage their standing, it sure as sh*t isn't happening now. This is an era in which the roster would rather tread lightly and remain compliant than stand up even for themselves, let alone their peers.

If not impossible, the feats that follow were certainly, deeply improbable, even by the wild standards of professional wrestling...

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