10 Wrestlers Who Broke Typecasting In The Most Epic Way

First the worst, second the best...


Professional wrestling, for all its comparisons to film and television, should actually be easier on those that maybe take longer to find their best personas either side of the bell-to-bell bit.

Few performers are genuinely great actors - the nuts and bolts of the in-ring craft can be practiced and perfected, but it takes an altogether different head to master the microphone in a believable manner that connects emotionally and financially with live and television audiences alike.

Typecasting shouldn't be as common as it is in the industry, but promoters and performers often take the path of least resistance in the interest of making the quickest buck. Why ask a musclehead to talk, a wrestler to Sports Entertain or - once upon a time - a woman to actually work?

When it's hard enough to get potential stars to be themselves (but turned up to 11, etc etc), it can be more effort than it's worth to go looking for something entirely different to make somebody a somebody.

Shame, too. As the following examples show, there's a lot to be said for unlocking somebody's surprising second self...

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