10 Wrestlers Who Butted Heads With WWE Creative (And Won)

Let's do it this way instead.


Everyone knows what it looks like when a wrestler loses an argument with creative. They either come out the following week repackaged as a cryogenically frozen Nazi (that's best case scenario) or a bulletin is swiftly posted up on their employer's website wishing them all the best in their future endeavours.

In most cases, it's better to simply fall in line and accept what the writers have given you, however stupid or demeaning it might seem. You can always do a shoot interview once you've retired where you let the world know your true feelings, but in the moment, you're best off keeping quiet and doing exactly what you're told.

Not everyone has heeded those words of wisdom over the years, though. Several of the industry's biggest stars have at one point or another decided to butt heads with their creative masters, sometimes outright refusing to go along with the script until appropriate (or inappropriate) revisions are made.

And get this: a handful of them actually came out on top, forcing their desperate bosses into last minute rewrites in order to keep everyone happy.