10 Wrestlers Who Changed WWE’s In-Ring Style

9. Randy Savage


In parallel to Hogan's incongruous underdog shtick, Randy 'Macho Man' Savage quietly elevated the WWF Style with a more cerebral and realistic element. Quicker to take to the skies, Savage was as famous for his athleticism as he was his preparation.

His most famous match - the Intercontinental Title offering with Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania III - was meticulously rehearsed, move for move, in advance. Before Savage left absolutely no room for error, wrestling was largely called on the fly. Gauging the reaction of the audience, performers would interpret it to inform the content of their matches. The relationship between performer and audience was collaborative and symbiotic.

Savage changed all that - and in doing so, changed the philosophy of mainstream wrestling.

Nowadays, even inconsequential television matches are steered by road agents, who will meet with talent hours in advance in order to script their matches. Once assembled, instructions are relayed to the production truck to set up camera cues. If the crowd is apathetic, there is no scope for ingenuity - a spot of inspiration to bring them to their feet.

Savage was never in danger of that. The example he set has been impossible for many to follow.


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