10 Wrestlers Who Could Become UK's First WWE Champion

Who will break the British duck?

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The United Kingdom has given the world many things, but, despite a population of more than sixty million (admittedly, the majority of whom have no interest in professional wrestling), the country has yet to produce a single WWE Champion.

The late, great British Bulldog only ever made it as far as the Intercontinental Title, and how about William Regal, whose years of WWE service couldn't secure him the company's biggest prize?

In recent years, it was Wade Barrett who came closest, ultimately seeing his hopes dashed by Randy Orton at Bragging Rights 2010, after an improbable run as the Nexus leader.

Seven years on, prospects are looking a little brighter, and - after the success of the UK Championship Tournament earlier this year - there are one or two UK stars, both inside the company and out, with a genuine chance of breaking the duck.

Honourable mention for 205 Live's "Gentleman" Jack Gallagher, who - after spending the early part of his WWE career running around with an umbrella - would probably face an uphill battle to earn back the credibility required for a world title reign.