10 Wrestlers Who Could End Up In Donald Trump's White House Cabinet

Time to get some muscle into the White House.

Hulk Hogan Donald Trump

In case you missed it WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump secured quite a big government job recently and it appears his time spent around the world of wrestling has influenced some of his policies.

Trump is a man who seems to share many values with WWE. He is a shameless self-promoter, he knows that controversy sells and is it just me or does his idea of building a wall to keep out Mexican people seem to be heavily influenced by JBL’s 2004 feud with Eddie Guerrero?

With Linda McMahon recently finding her place in the White House, the next logical step for the Donald to take is to include grapplers in his cabinet. Trump has to be careful to get the balance right between politicians and wrestlers so rather than go all out I think he will hire ten sports entertainers to help shape the political future of the United States.

For my money these are the ten wrestlers most likely to fill Donald Trump’s cabinet...

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