10 Wrestlers Who Did Unusual Things Vince McMahon Hated

Blue dots and title shots.


This "getting over in WWE" business is easy.

You can't make it elsewhere - that is crucial - but as long as Vince McMahon made you, you're made. Well, Hulk Hogan was a major star in New Japan before he returned to the fold, in addition to running wild in the AWA, and then he became the biggest star in the history of the company.

That doesn't work. Let's try it again.

You have to be absolutely massive. Even if you don't connect with the audience, even if you're abysmal between the ropes, Vince will find a way to push your character to the top of the card and down the throats of his audience. Braun Strowman is absolutely massive, he was very over as a babyface, and he worked the WWE style improbably well. But he's not Roman Reigns.

That doesn't work. Let's try it again.

A WWE headliner cannot be short, slim, southern, or synonymous with virtually every company not named WWE.

But AJ Styles got a push. Maybe being great is enough. But then, the 2018 roster is incredibly rich in talent, but curiously, damningly short on star power. The line does not exist, but f*ck you for not knowing where the line is.

With an actual maze to navigate, it's little wonder that these hapless acts don't know their way 'round...


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