10 Wrestlers Who Entered The Royal Rumble With Multiple Gimmicks

A shoot fighting pimp, a Caribbean ninja, a demonic dentist and a whole lot more.

The Three Faces Of Foley

The Royal Rumble match is almost always full of surprises, quirks and special moments, and arguably none were more surprising than Mick Foley's appearance in the match in 1998.

Well, I say 'appearance', but in truth that should be in the plural, as Mrs Foley's baby boy entered the match on three separate occasions, as three different characters. It was utterly unique - a feat that is unlikely to be repeated any time soon.

Entering the Rumble with different gimmicks isn't all that unique. Over the past three decades almost 30 individuals have appeared in multiple Rumbles with different personas, with some individuals bringing as many as five gimmicks to the table. It is unlikely that any new names will be added to the list in 2017, but that isn't to say the match will be without examples; Bray Wyatt entered as Husky Harris in 2011, after all.

Other names that don't make this list include Sin Cara (Hunico), The Hurricane (Gregory Helms), Cody Rhodes (Stardust) and Umaga (Jamal), along with a whole host of lesser known examples like The Barbarian (Sione) and Jacob Blu (8-Ball).

Those that do make the list include three Rumble runner ups no less, and another three who made it to the final four.


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