10 Wrestlers Who Escaped Certain Death

False Finishes


For the second time in as many weeks, Ric Flair posted an ostentatious health update having reportedly been as close to the brink as he'd been in his entire life. Using the first video message to shill a brand new 'I'm Not Dead Yet Motherf***ers' t-shirt line and a follow-up tweet to show him suited and booted ahead of an exclusive television interview, the 'Nature Boy' kicked out when most thought he'd finally been forced into taking a deciding fall.

He's one of many within professional wrestling that seem almost impervious to the withered touch of death's hand. After a dreadful decade of death and decay in the 2000s as the excesses of the industry in the 1980s and 1990s caught up with countless performers, the mortality rate has thankfully slowed. Those still around have gradually learned to take care of themselves, and newer generations are hopefully not making the mistakes that sent their forbearers careering to early graves.

Like Queen Elizabeth II ruling over the United Kingdom with such longevity that her own son may never even take the throne, Vince McMahon presides over his own vainglorious empire at 72 years-old with such ferocity that to even imagine a day where he isn't at the helm seems rooted in farce. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon may be establishing their own legacy under his thumb, but he too seems far to keen to evade life's gentle descent than embrace it.

Death comes to us all, but these characters staved off their early finish.

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