10 Wrestlers Who Have Gone As Far As They Will Go In WWE

"Are we good?" "No."


This list could reach to at least 30 entries but, for the sake of variety, let's limit the number to 10. The same fate befalls so many WWE performers that, much like WWE itself, we'd only be endlessly copying and pasting for ad revenue.

There are some WWE performers worth the investment, even in this age of all-encompassing awfulness. Some WWE performers boast an actual future. Ronda Rousey is excellent, radiant, after two pro wrestling matches. She grabs awful takes - "She doesn't deserve the spotlight, she hasn't wrestled long enough!"; "How will she ever got good, if she's not going to wrestle the same match with Natalya on house shows?" - and rips them out of their socket.

It's nice watching Daniel Bryan and Jeff Hardy because they create a positive atmosphere that in turn inspires belief that WWE will do something with the sentiment before their careers wind down - or, at the very least, protect their investment by not castrating them. Subjectively, Seth Rollins is a tad overrated. Objectively, his matches feel important in a stakes-free landscape because he has convinced a cynical public that he is worth supporting.

Some WWE performers are worth the investment...

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