10 Wrestlers Who Have Suffered The Most Since WrestleMania 34

10. Ronda Rousey


Following her incandescent performance in New Orleans - the fire, athleticism, registering, timing, improvisation, everything was unbelievable, given her experience level - most would have settled for, even welcomed, a sort of diminished return. Perhaps a personal grudge programme with an experienced hand, Mickie James, one easily set-up to ease Ronda into the transition.

Instead, Ronda is set to challenge for the RAW Women's Championship. This isn't a problem in itself - imagine thinking she, once the most-decorated female combat athlete on the planet, already established in the fiction of WWE as more than a match for Triple H, hasn't "earned" it - but the execution of the programme is. The bullied Nia Jax is now a bully in WWE's thoughtless and incoherent week-to-week approach, eradicating any heft, and Ronda has suffered, as all performers do, within the scripted confines of RAW's turgid formula.

Ronda's catastrophic commentary stint was eerily reminiscent of that time WWE stuck a live microphone in Brock Lesnar's mush, when John Cena felt what he was feeling because he made John Cena feel what he felt. Like the Beast, Rousey could only repeat herself, perhaps simply registering the lame words handed to her in disbelief.

WWE will doubtlessly protect the investment on Sunday, putting their best road agents on the case - but the programme itself has badly tarnished her.

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