10 Wrestlers Who Have Suffered The Most Since WrestleMania 34

9. Bobby Roode


Pictured: Bobby Roode coming as close as he will get to the Money In The Bank briefcase.

WWE has ruined Bobby Roode's entrance theme. That took some doing, but do it they did: by booking Bobby as such a hapless goof loser, we can no longer receive 'Glorious Domination' in its intended spirit. Instead, as the soundtrack to his inexplicable demise, it has become the aural translation of irony.

It's not inexplicable, in truth; WWE anticipated that Roode's theme would see him received as a babyface, and turned him accordingly. Gentle infrequent reminder that it doesn't matter how we react to a WWE Superstar when various people associated with the company propagandise Roman Reigns. This babyface push saw Roode lose out on a meaningless prize deemed worthless by Dolph Ziggler, lose a filler feud in emphatic fashion to Randy Orton, lose his chance to recapture said prize at WrestleMania 34, and lose on a weekly basis having somehow found himself within a Money In The Bank field he is part of purely to build his opponents as viable threats. So rotten is WWE creative at present that the old optimistic suggestions feel utterly pointless. A heel turn may have "saved" Roode in a bygone age.

Not any more.

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