10 Wrestlers Who Held The Belt Their Way

It's the little things that count.


Originality is important, no matter what art form. To really stand out, you must think outside the box, even when it comes to little details.

To be great in pro wrestling, you have to be able to connect with the audience in a way simply grappling won’t. The more unique a character, the more chance it has to resonate with people watching at home.

More often than not, it’s the most rounded personalities who leave a longlasting impact. Certain wrestlers could have just phoned in their act after finding their place, but it is the ones who go the extra mile that deserve more praise.

Clearly hard work pays off, and these wrestlers continued to think outside the box to give their characters a unique slant - even when it came to the way they carried their beloved championship belts.

10. The Rock


Dwayne Johnson has a swagger that is hard to beat. When he was at the peak of his wrestling career in 2001, his confidence and self belief were through the roof. This can be seen by the way he carried the title by his side.

He wasn't a meagre champion, carrying his prize the way every other jabroni had done before him. The Rock was cocky, confident, and cool. He needed his belt to be ready in his grip for two reasons: 1) so he could easily flip it up for the millions to see when he climbed the turnbuckle, and 2) in case he needed to throw the title as he approached the ring because he was too eager to lay the smackdown on his opponent.

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