10 Wrestlers Who Lived In The Shadow Of More Famous Relatives

10. Joe Malenko

Online World of Wrestling

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Dean Malenko is widely regarded as one of the most gifted technical wrestlers of his or any other generation. So how is it that his older brother, Joe, is even more talented and somehow less known than the 'Man of 1,000 Holds'?

The Malenko Brothers toured Japan for the better part of four years, both as a team and as opponents. In that time, both became very well-known on the circuit. Both brothers would make occasional appearances in WCW during the early '90s, but Dean soon made the jump to ECW, where he became hugely popular with the crowds there. Eventually he would sign a full-time contract with WCW, where he blossomed as a four-time Cruiserweight Champion and even became a member of the legendary Four Horseman stable.

Joe, unfortunately, was more of a part-time wrestler for ECW and WCW during that same time period, and his in-ring appearances were usually tied to his younger brother.

It's a shame Joe never got more recognition. His trainer, Karl Gotch - a man literally known as the "God of Wrestling" in Japan - called Joe Malenko his greatest student. And this is a man who trained the best of the best.


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