10 Wrestlers Who Lived In The Shadow Of More Famous Relatives

Lanny Poffo may have been a Genius, but he was no Macho Man.


Wrestling can be a hard business to crack your way into; as in prison, it helps to know someone on the inside who can help you learn the ropes and protect your backside. Hence, nepotism is a major factor in a budding superstar's success.

In fact, with the way the McMahon family has operated the last two decades, one could argue it's the biggest factor in the industry.

There have been no shortage of father-son, brother-sister, and even uncle-nephew combinations in the business over the years. But unfortunately, being related to another, more famous wrestler is usually a double-edged sword.

Sure, it often helps the less prominent family member get more chances than they would without that familial recognition, but it also means they're probably going to be compared to the more popular branch of their family tree for the rest of their lives.

The people on this list aren't all bad wrestlers. In fact, a lot of them are immensely talented. But they'll never be as celebrated as their legendary kin.


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