10 Wrestlers Who Need One WWE Match (And Who They Should Face)

"One more match! One more match!"


Like "This is awesome!" and "You deserve it!", chants of "One more match!" are ubiquitous at WWE events these days.

Almost everyone - from Jim Ross to the anonymous camera man who messed up Undertaker's suicide dive at WrestleMania 25 - is now being encouraged to lace up their boots just one last time.

Of course, most of them won't - and a lot of them definitely shouldn't. Shawn Michaels' go-home bout against 'Taker seven years ago was the perfect way for the 'Showstopper' to cap off his two decades plus in the ring, whilst Ric Flair has already had the perfect farewell match. You can't better it, so why bother? (Though, er, Flair did come back anyway... )

There are those, however, who bowed out - or are otherwise entering the final years of their career - without having yet had their goodbye moment, at least not of the standard the fans would have envisaged anyway.

For them the "One more match!" chant bears the frequency of its use, and - where it wouldn't be detrimental to their health - it'd be just swell if they could answer those calls by getting back in the ring for maybe, ooh, 20 minutes or so.

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