10 Wrestlers Who Proved There's Life After WWE

Can Neville go to another level?

Cody Rhodes Vs Joseph Conners
Cody Rhodes vs Joseph Conners

Being the sole promotion to emerge from the Monday Night Wars in one piece, WWE is now the place to be for anyone looking to make real their dreams of becoming a big-time professional wrestler.

Yet, with increasingly intense competition for the company's precious few main event spots, some of those who work for them find themselves prematurely heading for the exit door. Case in point: Neville, who is reported to have walked out earlier this week before Raw.

Most of the time, this is considered to be a bad idea, since, by leaving the wrestling industry's number one promotion, you are by definition going to receive less exposure, less adulation and - not least of all - less financial reward.

But it's not the death sentence it once was. A great many departed WWE employees have shown over the last 25 years that there really is life after leaving Vince McMahon's empire (many of them, indeed, having found success they probably couldn't have achieved had they still been on his payroll).

And as Neville (possibly) embarks on the same uncertain journey, here are the best examples for him to follow.

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