10 Wrestlers Who Should Have Been NXT Champion

Which wrestlers would have benefited most from a run with the NXT Championship?


Over the past few years, we have witnessed the call-up of many of NXT's finest stars, but they do not all enjoy the same level of success on WWE's main roster.

In Orlando, a wrestler can look like a million bucks and be treated as a superstar by the Full Sail crowd, and yet, when it comes time for them to debut on Raw or SmackDown, only some of them reach those same lofty heights while others become mired in mediocrity.

If you look at the NXT call-ups over the past few years, the key variable is clearly whether or not that competitor won the elusive NXT Championship. Former champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn both wrestled John Cena in their first main roster encounter, while Finn Bálor pinned Roman Reigns clean to the mat on his first ever Raw. Debutants without the NXT Title win have gone on to mill around the mid-card, be involved in cringe-worthy angles, or be dismissed from the company altogether.

This list details just some of the talent that has passed through Full Sail that would have benefited hugely from being crowned champion of developmental.


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