10 Wrestlers Who Shouldn't Return For WWE's Brand Split 2016 This Week

Not every former WWE star has a place in the company's future.


This is a time of great opportunity in World Wrestling Entertainment. The 2016 brand split is on the horizon, and the company is preparing to split its talent roster in two and divide them among Raw and SmackDown. Even if WWE don’t succeed in putting their two top shows on an equal footing, slicing each show’s available talent pool in half will open-up plenty of airtime for underused, under-pushed wrestlers.

But with WWE already struggling to fill-out their shows as it is, their existing roster just isn’t big enough. They’re almost certainly going to have to throw a few new faces into the mix, and with rumours of former stars returning and “up to a dozen” NXT callups, WWE look set to completely revitalise their talent pool.

The internet has been buzzing at the mention of names like Kurt Angle and MVP ever since, and the free agent pool is bursting with former WWE performers who could be brought back in next week’s draft. Some should be welcomed back with open arms, but others? Not so much…

For myriad reasons ranging from age to attitude problems, there are some wrestlers that WWE should steer well clear of.

Here are 10 wrestlers who shouldn’t return for the 2016 Brand Split...

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