10 Wrestlers Who Suffered The Most From WrestleMania 34

Sliding down the Show Of Shows' slippery slope.


WrestleMania is always a game-changing night for much of the show's cast, and 34 was no different.

Several wrestlers notched the biggest wins of their career on April 8th. Charlotte Flair's streak-breaking victory over Asuka firmly established her as SmackDown's alpha female, Nia Jax is finally a made woman, and Ronda Rousey's explosive debut relegated complaints towards her inconsistent promo work to the background. Elsewhere, The Undertaker bounced back from last year's dismal loss to Roman Reigns by squashing John Cena, and Braun Strowman effectively won the Raw Tag Team Titles on his own.

But while each of these wrestlers enjoyed undeniably successful evenings, what about those on the other side of the equation? When one performer moves into the spotlight, another must step away to make room, and several slid down the ladder in New Orleans.

Some fell as a direct result of the company's booking, while others suffered through their own lacklustre performances. Whatever the case, each of the names within left the Superdome in a weaker position than when they'd walked in, and while many will have the new dents in their armour repaired, others may not be so lucky...


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