10 Wrestlers Who Will Never Hold The World Title Again

Being the champion of an entire planet even once is pretty good.


The only thing better than holding the world title once is holding it twice, and the only thing better than holding it twice is holding it three times, and - well, you get the point.

The likes of Rob Van Dam, Chris Benoit, and Eddie Guerrero are rightly recognised as being among the most talented wrestlers of their generation - yet the charge against them is that they didn't have the ability to lead the company (and, hence, their respective title reigns were each disappointingly short-lived).

And even those who did once over achieve the status of franchise player can one day expect a steady climb down the card, culminating with the chastening realisation that they may never get their hands on that coveted world championship again.

The point is: the wrestling business is ruthless, and today's stars - whose positions are perennially under threat from hungry young upstarts fresh off the indie conveyor belt - must learn to cherish each precious moment they have with gold around their waist.

Because frankly, you never you know which title reign could be your last.

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