10 Wrestlers Who Will Win Their First WWE Title In 2018

Who will pop their title cherry in 2018?

Aleister Black

Some hardened wrestling promoters (sorry, sports entertainment engineers) may not want to admit it, but championships still play a hugely important role in modern day professional wrestling. That is even true in WWE, despite its best attempts to kill off its own secondary titles.

Winning a title in WWE isn’t something that every wrestler gets to do, and for many the first success is often one of the major landmarks of a performer’s career. The emotion displayed by stars when that first title comes their way is very, very real.

2017 saw Jinder Mahal, Baron Corbin, Enzo Amore and others pick up the first championships in WWE, with varying success. The reign is what remembered by the fans, but the hand being raised and the belt being awarded will be what lives longest in the minds of the wrestlers themselves. It must be an incredibly magical moment.

Who will experience this in 2018? Many of the WWE roster has experienced championship success on the main roster and in NXT, but for others that magical first time is still in their future. Who will pop their championship cherry in 2018?


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