10 Wrestlers Whose Careers Were Destroyed By A Single Mistake

Botched, bashed and banished from super-stardom to the unemployment line.


A wrestling career can change in a moment. It can bask in the glory of a championship win or drown in a missed move. Often there are political forces at play ensuring that a snapshot in time can live to define.

Randy Orton recently hit the headlines as allegations surfaced about his backstage antics. WWE has thus far remained quiet on the matter. Orton, after all, is a star. He has received a continued push and a high-level feud on TV. Whilst Orton's trunks are seemingly made of Teflon, others are not so lucky. Many WWE employees walk around on eggshells knowing that a trip or slip could cost them their job.

This has always been the case with big stars treated differently. 'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka was accused of murder. McMahon still found a spot on the roster for the charismatic act. Now that WWE believes he has served his time, Hulk Hogan's insidious comments will no doubt be brushed under the carpet.

In the whacky world of professional wrestling, some superstars are given chance after chance. Other lesser known stars are cast out into the wilderness. It depends on marquee value, the lower down the card you are the less forgiving the employer tends to be.

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