10 Wrestlers WWE Has Wasted Since Last Year's WrestleMania

If only they could turn back time...

A career as a WWE performer is one of the most volatile jobs you are ever likely to encounter. No matter how good a performer has been, is, or could be, there is no guarantee they will be used in the most effective manner; in fact, inefficient use of talent seems to be more common now than ever before. WrestleMania is seen as WWE's annual showcase of the best talent and matches the company can provide, with the broadcast going out to millions of viewers all around the world. Getting the chance to perform for such a humongous audience means that wrestlers who make the WrestleMania card often go on to bigger and better things. In the cases of these 10 individuals, WrestleMania 31 acted as the beginning of 12 months of poor booking and misuse. In the wake of injuries to high-profile stars, it's quite fitting that WWE is struggling to put together a strong WrestleMania 32 card given these performers could have easily filled the void if afforded both the time and effort. All 10 performers included in this list were involved in matches at WrestleMania 31, because who knows how long we€™d be here if we had to talk about the poor management and booking decisions of every wrestler on the main roster.

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