10 Wrestlers WWE Have Finally Gotten Right In 2018

Wrestling done wright.


Something must be in the air over in Stamford, Connecticut, because it seems like our most beloved wrestlers are finally finding the footing they've so desperately needed.

For years now, we've watched the WWE mishandle certain members of their roster just about every time they show up on TV. Whether it comes down to WWE not knowing what they've got on their hands or just being stubborn and doing what they want to do regardless of fan input, they've become infamous for not taking advantage of massive opportunities just sitting in front of them.

If you have a wrestler like Daniel Bryan, who naturally comes across as the most likable man in the world, common sense would dictate that you portray him as the most likable man in the world. There's a major strength in booking what's already established, yet it took the entire WWE Universe turning on the product to finally perfect Bryan's storyline.

For some reason, this is a concept WWE struggled with for an incredibly long time. As of late, however, the company has finally seemed to recognize just what their talent is capable of. Between alignment turns and character tweaks, we're finally starting to get the wrestlers we should've had from the start.

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