10 Wrestlers WWE Made You Hate (Thanks To Awful Booking)

Stretching the "any reaction is a good reaction" hypothesis to its limits.


At its core, professional wrestling is all about crowd manipulation. The performers' job is to compel the fans to root for them if they're a babyface, or jeer them when playing heel, thus building investment in their characters and compelling the audience to tune in the following week.

It's a difficult job, and countless wrestlers have seen their careers collapse through their inability to connect with the fans. Crowd reactions must be earned. Audiences are going to root for or against performers at their own discretion, and while WWE would love us pesky fans to fall in line, accept their decisions without question, cheer the wrestlers presented to us as heroes, and boo the bad guys, it doesn't always work like that.

Making an audience cheer a performer is difficult, but building hatred isn't such a tall order. Unfortunately, this often comes in spite of WWE's booking rather than because of it, and while the company will tell you that "any reaction is a good reaction," this certainly isn't true for the cases within.

Though their rejection levels vary, each of these performers built sizeable clusters of haters through no fault of their own, but because the audience resented the way their were booked.

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