10 Wrestlers WWE Pushed Way Over Their Heads

10. Big Cass


Poor old Big Cass. Just when it looked like the seven-footer was being prepped for a main event push, disaster struck. The former 'Realest Guy In The Room' took a nasty bump while wrestling Enzo Amore on Raw, and now looks set to miss up to nine months of action, potentially taking him out of the picture until May 2018.

There's nothing good about such a crushing injury, but WWE may seize this opportunity to rethink their strategy with Cass. His split from Enzo has been a complete flop. The big lad is just as lost without his mouthpiece as Amore is without his brawny partner, and while their feud has produced a handful of memorable promos, the matches stunk, particularly SummerSlam's shark cage bout.

Cass' size meant that WWE were always going to push him over his head. Vince McMahon has demonstrated his fondness for tall wrestlers countless times over the years, with Cass the latest beneficiary. He was immensely popular as a tag wrestler, but his lack of charisma was even more apparent without Enzo, and he's still developing in the ring. That's not to see he can't be a star in the future, but his push came far too soon.

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