10 Wrestlers WWE Should Re-Sign Next

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Having recently dipped into its little black book of erstwhile and estranged performers, WWE has delighted fans with some long overdue re-signings. Drew Galloway/McIntyre is now in NXT, a place where he’ll presumably be able to grow and develop his character in a way he didn't during his initial main roster run. The Hardy Boyz are, of course, your new RAW Tag Team Champions, while Kurt Angle has returned after an eleven-year absence to replace Mick Foley as the red brand’s General Manager.

Perhaps Vince McMahon is getting soft in his old age, but it seems WWE are now willing to let bygones be bygones, and rehire superstars who have made a huge impact on the independents and TNA since leaving Titan Towers.

Galloway got himself over by being a passionate and physically dominant powerhouse, something that never really came across during his WWE tenure, Kurt Angle carried TNA through rough times to turn it into a company that could have challenged WWE, while The Hardy Boyz managed to pioneer a gimmick so bizarre and meta that nobody ever expected it to work.

These men are proof positive that it’s possible to become successful outside of WWE, and that if you do, they might just want you back. But there are several other stars still capable of competing who could be brought back into the fold - wrestlers who have been sorely missed, and who could do great things on RAW, SmackDown or NXT.


Liam is a writer and cranberry juice drinker from Lincolnshire. When he's not wearing his eyes away in front of a computer, he plays the melodica for a semi wrestling-themed folk-punk band called School Trips.