10 Wrestlers You Were Too Embarrassed To Admit You Loved

It's all about the shame, and how you play it...


The world's a different place for most wrestling fans now.

In generations gone by, there were so many things about professional wrestling that made it such an acidic artform to enjoy publically for anyone from school playgrounds to corporate workplaces. Rarely did the industry acknowledge the obvious - it would have been mad to alienate those that already felt outside the rigidity of having a "normal" interest - but there were times when mainstream acceptance was bestowed upon the product, and times when it most definitely was not.

Adults would incessantly tell children it wasn't real, as if that remotely mattered. Colleagues would cast wry eyes on monitors visiting websites just like this one on lunch breaks. Tacit and suppressed homophobia snuck out from those that deemed it "gay", when such a slur still masqueraded as a common-or-garden insult.

2018 is - despite occasional evidence to the contrary - a better time to be alive. A "Universe" once confined to basements and safe spaces has exploded like every other supposedly nerdy endeavor. Kids grow up already knowing it's not real. Colleagues visit this website on their lunch breaks to indulge in fine content on all their unique interests. Homophobes are lambasted for chatting absolute sh*t. Love who and whatever you want about professional wrestling - you've never ever been freer to.

The world was a different place for most wrestling fans back then...

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