10 Wrestlers You Wouldn't Believe Competed In A G1 Climax

The unremarkable G1 appearances by gaijin, who paved the way for Kenny Omega.


In the primeval days of tape trading, wrestling fans would have to wait weeks, maybe months, in hopes of obtaining a grainy VHS version of one of Masahiro Chono's many G1 Climax wins.

In 2018 however, thanks to Daily Motion and social media, the wrestling world is well acquainted with New Japan and its premiere heavyweight tournament.

As the tournament grows in stature, year after year, magnified by the almost unfathomable match quality, the G1 has become the most anticipated wrestling series in the world.

This year, fans await a mouthwatering list of matches that will see Kenny Omega face Tetsuya Naito in a rematch of last year's final in Block B, while Block A offers a new chapter in perhaps the greatest rivalry in wrestling in history between Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kazuchika Okada.

With a stacked roster of the finest heavyweight talent in the world, 2018's G1 is positioned to be perhaps the greatest yet.

Over the years, the G1 has played host to some of the most legendary - and most forgettable - names in wrestling history. Here's ten of them you wouldn't believe competed in the now fabled competition.

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