10 Wrestling Books You Must Read Before You Die

Start with Foley's first book and work from there...

The idea of the pro wrestling book has exploded somewhat over the past 15 or so years. Traditionally, the outside world really didn't view grappling fans as the kind of people who would sit down and read for any great length of time. In reality, they couldn't be any more wrong. Publishing books has long been something of interest to WWE, but they're not the only ones in on the act. As the years have rolled on, several books have been released by independent writers and publishing houses. In addition, the advent of the Kindle device has enabled several wrestlers to release shorter reads that are easily digestible by pro wrestling fans. An excellent example of this is the artist formerly known as JTG in WWE, who penned a brief (less than 100 page) account of his time in the company, focusing on the heat he garnered during his stint there. On the more casual side of the market, men like Mick Foley, Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan have all told their stories in written form. This article aims to look at 10 wrestling books which you simply must read before it's too late. Some of the ones included may surprise you, but all are enjoyable for their own differing reasons.

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