10 Wrestling Books You Must Read Before You Die

9. Turning The Tables: The Story Of Extreme Championship Wrestling

As far as unauthorised accounts go, this is by far the best detailing the history of Extreme Championship Wrestling. John Lister has also penned other books, including one which acted as a diary of his various wrestling-related trips to North America in the 1990's. With Turning The Tables, he trumped even that, and the in-depth nature of the book makes it essential. The biggest compliment which can be handed Lister's way is that he at once makes the book accessible to those who know a lot about the original ECW and those who don't. Even people who didn't watch one ECW broadcast at the time the promotion existed will enjoy this one, it's written with the non-fan in mind. It's also clear that a lot of research has went in to ensuring each page is bursting with facts. From financial information about ECW, to backstage stories and other tales, there's a lot to take in. There's a nice flow to proceedings however, this is an easy read. For new and old fans alike, Turning The Tables is an even better account of ECW's history than perhaps even Paul Heyman could provide. It's unbiased, in other words.
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