10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (June 22)

Don't eat from your hands, unless you can say "WrestleMania"...

Sasha Banks Ember Moon

Working a Money In The Bank Ladder Match was literally a childhood dream come true for Sasha Banks. This week, learn how she predicted her own MITB moment around 15/16 years ago. As a young child growing up in Fairfield, California, Sasha was pretty damn sure she had a big future ahead of her.

That story, as always, is joined by an assortment of other wrestling-related facts we didn't know last week.

If you've ever wondered what Jim Ross really thought about his first WWF pay-per-view assignment at the 1993 King Of The Ring, which simple task WCW refused to do for Chris Jericho in the 90s or just who used to sneak out of WWF fat camp to chow down on chicken then we have you covered.

That's not all. Brace yourselves for the almighty Vince McMahon's golden rule when it comes to eating in WWE creative team meetings, find out which former main event star couldn't pronounce WrestleMania properly during key promos and hear the original plans for Enzo Amore's short-lived romance with Nia Jax in 2017.

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