10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week

Find out the Batista/Ric Flair storyline WWE scrapped...

Chris Jericho Kenny Omega NJPW
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Oh, Chris Jericho. Yet again you've got the entire wrestling world talking about what you're doing, only this time it has next-to-nothing to do with WWE. There's nobody quite like Y2J when it comes to reinvention, but just what inspired him to pitch a match against NJPW sensation Kenny Omega in the first place?

Find out what got Jericho's creative juices flowing in this week's article. It's perhaps way more obvious than you might imagine. Joining the inspiration for Wrestle Kingdom 12's 'Alpha vs. Omega', there are facts about everyone from Big Cass and Carmella to Batista and Lance Storm.

Speaking of inspiration, find out what led WWE to write Mae Young's obscene flasher gimmick from 2000. We already knew he was a fan of using toilet humour, but it seems Vince McMahon is also a huge fan of Cameron Diaz movies too.

Let's look at the facts...


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