10 Wrestling Facts We Didn’t Know Last Week (1 Nov)

10. Vince McMahon Gets Mad When Steve Austin Teases A Comeback

Steve Austin Shane Vince McMahon

WWE's annual business model has relied heavily on bringing back part-time stars over the past decade or so. Around WrestleMania season, it's not uncommon to see some familiar faces, and the same thing is happening again (albeit earlier) with the return of Shawn Michaels. Through all that, there's one name Vince McMahon won't entertain.

Steve Austin.

Austin revealed on his podcast this week that McMahon literally gets angry when he dares to tease an in-ring comeback. To Vince, that ship has long-since sailed, and he point blank refuses to play along and pretend that 'Stone Cold' is on the comeback trail. That, to him, would be a reckless move from someone he considers a friend.

By his own admission, this is something Austin has a lot of fun with. He's fully aware how touchy a subject his return is for McMahon, and that's why he continues to poke the bear.

Oh yes: 20 years on, and Austin is still winding up his boss.


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