10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (16 Nov)

Find out how little Ronda Rousey knew about WWE business before signing...

Goldust Stardust

Ask Cody Rhodes what he thinks of Stardust and he'll remark that you should henceforth leave the premises lest ye be escorted out by security. He'd then spit in your face and continue being a trailblazer.

OK, so the above scenario is make-believe, but Cody did have a super-rotten time under the face paints towards the end of his WWE run. That's common knowledge by now, and so is the fact his father's career in the 1980s had at least some influence on the character. Some, but not all. Someone else was the first on to suggest it, and they're a McMahon.

Here's a clue: it wasn't Vince. Nope, it was one of his darling children who took one look at Cody and thought he'd do better business by mimicking his brother's Goldust gimmick. Learn more about that fact right here.

Speaking of gimmicks, find out which one helped Mojo Rawley get signed. Then, marvel at Ronda Rousey thinking WWE stars only worked once per week, hear the original plan for Dean Ambrose turning heel and learn when Edge was really supposed to win his first World Title...

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