10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (April 12)

Find out why and when Kofi Kingston almost quit WWE...

Daniel Bryan

Every great babyface needs a stunning heel counterpoint, and that's exactly what Daniel Bryan was to Kofi Kingston before WrestleMania 35. So good was Bryan in the villainous role that people were practically begging to see him humiliated on WWE's biggest stage. Considering the outpouring of emotion that had welcomed his return to the ring one year earlier, that was never a given.

Bryan might not get it, but he deserves so much more praise than he's had for transforming into the promotion's best true heel. What's more, he did it all without the aid of something Daniel believed would fan the flames of hatred even more. WWE are to blame for that; they wouldn't let him talk about it during promos.

What is "it"? Find out in this week's article, one obsessed with delivering fresh wrestling facts we didn't know last week.

This time, we've got questionable wardrobe choices that earned one auxiliary announcer an absolute roasting from his superior, tales on how the course of wrestling history nearly changed due to D-Generation X and their crotch-chopping ways and more.

Plus, CM Punk ain't too happy with Shane McMahon. On with the facts...


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