10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Dec 7)

Learn what Jerry Lawler did for Vince McMahon that brought him to tears...

Vince Mcmahon Crying

There's no getting away from facts: Raw, the show touted as WWE's flagship weekly, has been a tough, tough watch for the longest time now. Occasionally, the program has moments of brilliance that hark back to those speedy two-hour runs of old, but it's more of a three-hour chore sprinkled with decency than must-see television.

Vince McMahon, it seems, agrees the show comes across a little stale, and he had a plan this past Monday night to make Raw more appealing. Find out what that was in this week's article, and find out why the boss made some last-minute changes.

Other facts you can sink your teeth into include stunning insight about the WWF of 1993 from someone who was there. You won't believe what Bruce Prichard and his creative pals had lined up for future ECW madman Sabu had he put pen-to-paper on a contract.

Aside from that, learn Ric Flair's current workout regime, just how Lita saved Trish Stratus from injury at Invasion in 2001, find out which current NXT sensation suffers from crippling anxiety and hear who Eric Bischoff almost fought for real in the AWA...


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