10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Feb 16)

Find out how Steve Austin's WWE contract changed post-neck injury...

Rusev Aiden English

Happy Rusev Day!

The Bulgarian's current gimmick is a complete riot and has somehow turned him from heel brute to endearing babyface who sells calendars. During a WWE media conference call this week, Rusev was quick to credit Aiden English for helping this new character get off the ground.

He also revealed details of a frosty first meeting with Goldberg behind the scenes that told him something had to change.

Find out all about the fraught confrontation that left a bad taste in Rusev's mouth in this week's article, along with a whole host of other big wrestling-related facts we didn't know last week. Ever wondered what Booker T really thought about the nWo in WCW or what WWE ask fledgling announcers to do during auditions?

The answers are here, and so is a stunning piece of insight into how different WWE contracts were during the 1990s. Just ask Steve Austin; he'd be the first to tell you that things are much better nowadays...

10. Matt Riddle Believes Triple H Thinks He's Arrogant

WCPW Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle is a pretty self aware dude.

During an interview with VICE Sports, one of wrestling's most laid back stars discussed everything from marijuana use to a chance meeting with Triple H backstage at an Evolve show. Riddle didn't even know 'The Game' was going to be there, and he was surprised when one of WWE's most important figures approached him with a warm handshake.

Triple H told Riddle he was a fan of his work and thanked him for working so hard. That's when Matt's unique personality came out. Firing back, he said he was thankful of Triple H's work in WWE, and again returned the sentiment when told that WWE knew what he was all about.

By the time Triple H had walked away, it struck Riddle that he'd likely come across as rude during his one big moment to make a pitch. He said, "I appreciate what you’re doing here" in such a sarcastic tone that he still believes Trips might view him as super-arrogant.


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