10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Feb 6)

The wrestling world is ever-evolving, as these fresh news items show!

The world of pro wrestling is one that is ever-changing, and news travels fast across the grappling landscape. Since the dawn of the internet, wrestling has become more open than ever, and millions of fans around the globe enjoy logging on and finding out every little piece of information they can about the industry they love. Every single week, a plethora of stories and interesting tidbits are leaked into the public domain, but fans are often cautious, not believing every single thing they read, sometimes even when it comes from the proverbial horse's mouth! There has long been rumour that WWE enjoy playing with what has become known as the 'Internet Wrestling Community', starting their own hubbub online, before sitting back and reveling in the idea that fans are off the scent. This list aims to look at 10 different news items and facts that pro wrestling fans didn't know last week - some of them were previously believed to be true, but substantial evidence from the mouths of the stars themselves backs them up, making them more concrete. Yes, the world of wrestling moves quickly, but it's equally fascinating to get lost in that breakneck speed, finding out even more about the business as a result.

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