10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (March 9)

Find out how much Braun's broken double bass from Raw sold for...

vince mcmahon

Picture Vince McMahon right now and you're likely to envision the WWE mogul laughing maniacally as he counts wads of cash aboard a yacht called "Sexy Bitch".

Whilst that has probably happened at some point, the McMahon patriarch didn't actually award himself as much of WWE's profits in 2017 as he handed out. Surprised? Maybe you should be, but Vince earned less in salary than some others around him did last year. Find out who in this week's article.

Joining that fact are others about everyone from John Cena and Raven to the Honky Tonk Man and Hillbilly Jim. On top of all that, there's also a pretty shocking example of WWE's power and influence; that double bass Braun Strowman cracked over the back of Elias in February sold on eBay for a pretty penny. How much?

Read on to find out...

10. Hillbilly Jim Planned To Avoid WrestleMania This Year

Hillbilly Jim

Don't go messin' with a country boy, especially if your travel plans aren't satisfactory.

Hillbilly Jim, one of the latest inductees into the WWE Hall Of Fame 2018 class, told TMZ Sports this week that he planned to miss WrestleMania weekend entirely this year. It turns out old Jim wasn't thrilled with the long haul trip to Orlando in 2017, and he therefore decided that skipping 'Mania to give himself a rest might be the best idea.

Jim even went so far as to ignore calls from WWE, probably because he felt the company only wanted him for the Axxess fan festival before the big event. They didn't. WWE were trying to get in touch with him to share the big HOF news, and Jimmy nearly missed it.

Imagine Hillbilly had kept avoiding WWE's calls. He wouldn't have had the dream scenario of being inducted into the Hall Of Fame at all.


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