10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Nov 22)

Braun Strowman = Survivor Series king. Sort of...

Shawn Michaels Triple H

Who can say for sure whether or not Shawn Michaels will ever wrestle again? Deep down, only HBK has any sort of inkling, and it's not as though anyone could have predicted he'd break a self-imposed eight-year retirement vow to work a stadium show in Saudi Arabia.

Whizz back in time to tell anyone from 2010 that and they'd (quite rightly) laugh in your face.

Understatement of the year alert: Crown Jewel was a big occasion for Shawn, and nerves were flying through his mind left, right and centre as he braced to feel the sting of WWE's ring canvas again. This week, learn exactly what Michaels was thinking of. Or, more importantly, who he couldn't stop thinking about and why.

Other facts answer questions on who first pitched that Stephanie McMahon wed Triple H on screen, which legend stirred Vince McMahon's sentimental side because he was working as an usher at a local cinema and what Shinsuke Nakamura likes to do when he has some spare time and a copy of WWE 2K19 handy.

The answer isn't, "win every title going and ball-shot AJ Styles into oblivion". It's close though. OK, not really...


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