10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Oct 6)

Learn which WWE diva is sometimes embarrassed by her WWE career.

ted dibiase virgil

Listen to an episode of Bruce Prichard's 'Something To Wrestle With' podcast and the ex-WWE creative team member will repeat over and over that Virgil wasn't a rib designed to poke fun at Dusty Rhodes. During an interview with Ring Rust Radio this week, Ted DiBiase confirmed that to be false, and he also revealed who came up with the name.

The answer may surprise you, because it wasn't Vince McMahon. That fact is joined here by others we didn't know last week, including ones about The Hardy Boyz, Jim Ross, Ted Turner and Kane. There's also a story about Randy Orton's ring gear, and which gimmick Orton himself wished he'd been able to play longer in WWE.

It turns out that Randy isn't too fond of wearing his trunks these days and regrets choosing them so early in his career. There's a reason for that, and it's one few could guess. Who could have imagined that Orton looked on jealously at someone like Luke Harper?

Let's look at the facts...

10. AJ Styles Hasn't Been On SmackDown Much Due To 205 Live

AJ Styles US title

AJ Styles hasn't been wrestling on SmackDown recently despite being United States Champion. Styles is one of WWE's better in-ring workers, but The Wrestling Observer reported this week that he's being saved for post-show dark matches designed to keep people in the building.

This isn't a new practice for WWE. 205 Live is filmed immediately following SmackDown, and creative know they need something special to keep fans in their seats for the entire duration of the Cruiserweight show. That's why AJ is being used as a dark match attraction rather than on the main broadcast earlier the same night.

It'd make much more sense for WWE to shoot 205 Live before SmackDown, rather than trying to find carrots to dangle in front of fans. Right now, AJ is effectively being used as a reward for those with the patience to sit through 205, and that's hardly helping the Cruiserweights.


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