10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Sept 14)

Mick Foley didn't quite enjoy his biggest moments as much as you did...

Chris Jericho All In

Chris Jericho is the man.

At All In, Y2J donned another chameleonic disguise, dressed up as Penta El Zero M and attacked old rival Kenny Omega after New Japan's reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champ beat the Mexican masked man. This was just the latest example on Jericho's non-stop shock tour; he's become something of an expert at maintaining wrestling relevance over the years, even outside WWE.

This week, find out how the legend's plans almost went awry, and why (as soon as Jericho arrived at Chicago's Sears Centre) he immediately thought Cody and The Young Bucks didn't have their sh*t together. Let's just say Y2J deserves some sort of award for thinking on his feet and making sure his segment didn't look silly.

Other facts include NWA legends sharing stories with WCW ones about the electrifying atmosphere at ECW shows, what Rey Mysterio really thought about meetings with Jim Ross pre-WWE run and what weekly task JR and Jerry Lawler deliberately stopped doing behind the scenes during the Attitude era.

There's also news on Shawn Michaels power plays and Mick Foley's rather unique perspective on his most famous matches. Prepare to be stunned by his thoughts...


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